Why the red scarf?

What was so special about the red scarf? It started with the incredible story of Rahab, a prostitute in a pagan city that worshiped gods of sexual immorality. Probably she was forced into sexual slavery as a child, because of their culture. She loved her family, and was probably the only one to support them. She owned a brothel in Jericho city walls and despite being known by the king and by the city authorities, she had no love or loyalty for them. She wanted a better life, and when she saw the opportunity to have her, she risked everything to find her.
She was ready to leave her past, her home, her culture, her financial security, her assets to her life, and dared to believe that she could be allowed to follow the true God and become pure and new.

It was a crucial moment when Rahab asked the Israelite spies to spare her life and her family. Because of her audacious faith to risk everything they promised that no harm would come to her home or anyone who was in it, as long as she tied a red scarlet ribbon in her window overlooking the city wall. She did, and miraculously, her home was the only part of the wall that was not completely destroyed during the attack of the Israelites in Jericho, and she and her family were welcome to become part of a new nation, and start a new life. (This story can be found in Joshua 2)
The red scarf of the Rahab Project is a reminder of the audacious faith of an abused woman who believed in a new life, as the landmark of the supernatural protection of God on it, who stayed with her and her descendants for many generations.
We who are part of the Rahab Project believe in this brand of protection. We practice and teach the same kind of bold faith that any kind of pain, abuse or degradation of a woman can be completely removed and healed. We use red scarf conscious of that faith, and sure of the same protection.
(Source: Godllywood Brasil)

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