From one mother to another: A mother’s influence

Dear Mother,

Once again we speak about the great importance and influence that a mother has in the lives of her daughters, especially during the adolescent years, which are very complicated.

During this time, they obtain a lot of information, are knowledgeable in many areas and not as innocent as in the past. I do not mean that this is bad, but such information needs to be monitored.

Do you know why?!

Because, through your guidance and experience, they need to know what is right and what will or won’t be good for them.

That is the reason why we repeatedly come back to this subject: the importance of conversations, your knowing what’s going on with her, knowing about her day-to-day activities at school, with friends, and so on. You can make her reflect before making certain significant decisions in her life, decisions which can cause her major problems and even leave indelible scars.

Guide her and make her understand always that any approach she takes will have a consequence that may or may not be good for her life.

Mother, you have a great responsibility in your daughter’s decisions.

May God enlighten you!

Eliana Urbaneja


Source: Godllywood Africa

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