How to show the importance of prayer

Teaching your child to pray

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22: 6

Prayer is the moment we cut ourselves off from everything and talk to God. Through faith and practice of prayer, we connect to Him. Teaching your child to walk this path goes beyond using the words. It is by your example and practice that the child will begin to understand the real importance of prayer. Here are a few tips to teach parents to encourage their children to practise daily prayer:

  • Be the example: it is not enough to take them to church. They need to see that everything we have learned, we practise at home. In addition to our individual prayers, we should also pray with our family. Teach them how to talk to God. Begin by explaining that sincere prayer is what pleases God and practise with them.
  • We must teach them from an early age: The child learns from an early age by imitating his parents. If your child is already a teenager, talk to him and explain how prayer has the power to transform any situation. In cases where your child is an adult, you must also show the value of prayer. In moments of difficulty, challenge him to put faith into practice and have his own experiences.
  • Call them to pray: Whenever the family wakes up, call them for the first prayer of the day. Teach your children to put the day that is beginning in the hands of God. Call them to pray before meals. Whenever difficulties arise, call them to pray and teach them the practice of trusting in God through prayer. Before going to sleep, call them to pray again, teaching them to give thanks for all that God has done that day and for what He will still do in the days to come.
  • Call them to read the Word of God: Reading the Bible with children is also a good way to teach them to pray. Teach them that the Word of God is food for each one of us, including them.

Do not forget that practice is the best example that your child may have, and parents are the first and best example in the lives of their children! It does not matter the age or stage to pass on this very important teaching to them. Remember, this will be crucial in the lives of those you love so much.

God bless you!


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