From one mother to another: Discipline – Part II

Dear Mother,

We will continue talking about discipline – just one word, but it has so much meaning …

Nowadays, young ladies and adolescents are aimless and without direction, not knowing what they want from life. They do not think of studying, graduating and being someone in life.

In the old days, we had the desire to be teachers or doctors… and we dreamed of this, encouraged by our parents.

Not today! This is the last thing they think about. They just think about having fun, hanging out with friends, being with boys, taking good pictures to publish on Facebook and getting many “likes”.

That’s it, Mother! Their little heads work this way.

Do you know why???

Because, today, mothers do not take time to talk about these issues, to sit down and find out what their daughters think about their future and then guide them on how they should proceed. We need to teach them that they have to devote time to their studies today to succeed tomorrow. There has also not been enough time to teach them that they must respect, love and value themselves in order to be respected by others.

If there is discipline inside a home, it means that there is order and commitment to each other, between parents and children. But the lack of time has stolen a lot from families.

Mother, what discipline have you exercised with your children? They are waiting for it …

May God guide you!

Eliana Urbaneja


Source: Godllywood Africa

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