From one mother to another: Discipline

Dear Mother,

Let’s talk about discipline, which is nothing more than obeying the rules.

See how important it is to have a house with rules.

There is the well-being of raising your children and the success of the smooth running of the home.

This should be taught by parents early in a family’s formation and the mother should impose this discipline on her children. Discipline over food, which should involve eating healthy food, made at home by the mothers, not buying frozen food, snacks, processed foods and so much else offered in supermarkets, which in the end, puts children’s health at risk from diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.

This discipline extends to studies, friendships and leisure time.

Let’s also consider that where there is discipline, there is order, respect, obedience and all this happens naturally.

Mother, if you have already established discipline in your home, that’s great. You are certainly agreeing with me on this. But if it does not exist, honestly, you should put it into practice. You will see that great and good changes will happen in your life, the lives of your children and even in your home.

May God guide you!

Eliana Urbaneja


Source: Godllywood Africa

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