I wanted to be the silver star

When I was in secondary school, the teacher decided to reward the students who had a good behaviour as a way of motivating them. In fact, each one of us would get a “star” on our homework notebooks according to our behaviour in class during that week.

It worked like this:

  • Red = bad behaviour
  • Green = good behaviour
  • Blue = very good behaviour
  • Silver = excellent!

Guess which colour my star was most of the times? Red or green, at best! :-( I’ve never received one of those beautiful silver stars, but let’s be honest… it was not the teacher’s fault, but mine. I would talk to my friends in class, I wouldn’t focus on the lesson, and I wanted to do things my own way.

But that was not all…

Instead of learning from my mistakes and change, I had an idea; I found out that if I rubbed the star with a rubber, it would “magically” turn silver, regardless of the colour! From that day on, whenever I received a star, I’d make sure I rubbed it.

The problem seemed to be solved. Every time I arrived home, I had no problems; there was always a silver star on my notebook. But maybe you’re thinking, “That’s cool, Raquel! Your problems were solved!”

No way, friends! Everyone at home may have thought I was doing well in school, but deep down I knew who I was. :(

Many teens act like that. Everyone has seen a “silver star” on him/her. Their parents think they behave well; in church, they look like “little angels”; their families even praise them, but no one knows who they really are.

Many teens try to keep an image of “holiness” at home or church, but at school or elsewhere, they show their true colours.

My question is: Is it worth displaying a silver star when in fact it should be red???

We can deceive the whole world for a while, but we cannot deceive God let alone ourselves.

When we deceive people, we don’t have peace; we live in constant fear of being caught.

Do not be afraid (like I was). Even if you are “red star”, be sincere before God and He himself will “rub” (forgive) your old self and will make you a true “silver star”. Then you’ll have a true brightness that no one will be able to take away.

Kisses and until next week.


Source: Godllywood UK

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