From mother to mother: change of behavior

Dear mother, I would like you to pay close attention to this testimony, to observe the change of attitude of this mother, who came to see her daughter as a soul:

Even though I was in the church, I had difficult times with my daughter Ana Julia, who is now 13 years old. She became disgusted and would cut her self

In places I could not see. Once, three girls “friends of hers” jumped the wall of my house and beat my daughter, the girls said they did it because Ju spoke ill of them.

It took me a while to realize how bad she was, to the point that we caught her watching inappropriate movies. I could not help her because I would act the wrong way, just gave orders, when what she needed was a friend and the care of a soul.

When I realized what was really happening, I confess that for a moment I was lost, I demanded that God change her, since I had given her life on the altar, but I did not submit myself to do my part, I wanted everything to happen like magic.

That’s when I had the first conversation with my daughter, as a soul, without judging her. She collapsed and surrendered, told me everything that was going on. I started to be her best friend. Now she seeks me to talk, I become neutral, I look at her like a soul that she is, I do not give orders, but I orient her, without pressure, without aggression, a simple attitude but that changed everything.

Ju has matured, has dedicated herself to group offerings, sits in front of church meetings (she use to sit in the back and talk the whole meeting). I understood that I needed to change in order to see change and that made all the difference.

We always talked about baptism, but she was never ready to give up her own will, she always thought she would fail. But in this fast of Daniel, she made a decision, told me that she could no longer delay it, talked to her Sis and was baptized in the waters.

Today she is calm, we talk about everything, we have harmony. She is involved with the things of God, is not yet born again, but the change is visible. The Godllywood Girls was very important in all of this.

Mom Mayara de Carvalho.



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