Never again feel alone … Psalms

Have you thought about living totally taken care of and protected by God? Have His company everywhere and never feel alone again? Too good, is it not? In the same way that we think it is very good, God also thinks that and wants to be with us all the time.

However, God does not invade the life of anybody, He expects to be invited to enter, to be part of the life and the day to day of the person. He may even know what your desires are, but He wants you to use your words, He wants to hear our requests, for what God wants is to relate to us and be part of our life in everything. For the Lord never forsaken those who seek Him:

“Those who know Your name trust in You; for You, O Lord, never forsake those who seek You. “Psalms 9:10

It is necessary to grow more and more this relationship between you and God! You must tell Him everything that is affecting or saddening you; all your thoughts, the difficult moments, the bullying that you have suffered, the fears, the anguish, finally, He is the friend for all hours, but it is necessary that you count on Him and also show Him that you really want Him in your life and who loves Him above everything and everyone.

Have a life of much friendship with God, He is waiting for your invitation.


A kiss and may God bless them all!


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