No longer influenced by friendships

For Raquel Fernanda it was a very special day, she is 13 years old and is part of the Godllywood Girls of Maranhão.

She recalled that on many occasions she tried to get baptized in the waters, but would always back out. This time she gave herself up completely and realized that she had changed inwardly.

She was no longer influenced by the friendships that kept her from God. She abandoned these bad friendships and today she enjoys going to church, going willingly to seek the Holy Spirit, she feels much more willing to give herself to God.

Her mother Valdicélia Luiza, is very proud of her now, after Raquel joined the group she became another person, because she started to be obedient at home, has been interested in learning more of God. Today she is a great testimony to her family.

Raquel Fernanda.



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