She abandoned the bad companies

Hello, my name is Raquel Ceolato de Oliveira, I’m 14 years old, and I’m from Rio de Janeiro. Before joining the Godllywood Girls, I was a girl who spoke dirty words, walked in bad company, dressed like the girls that sang songs that did not please God, disobeyed my parents, prideful, jealous, did not set an example for my peers.

I would go to the monthly meetings just to be present, to leave there the same way I entered. I did not prioritize the things of God.

Today I am a girl who does not need to swear anymore, wear tight clothes, walk with the popular girls of the school to get attention or to be recognized by the whole school, because today I conquer people with my sympathy, education, kindness and honesty . Today I do not need to be an aggressive girl anymore with my parents, with family and friends.

Today I am more patient, calm, I am friends with my parents and my brothers. All this because I sought to seek God more, I sought and I seek today to have a life with God.

There came a time when I had to make a decision: either I want the world or I want God, there is no way to please the two. I could not remain undecided forever.

I thought: – “One day Jesus will come back and what will happen to me? Am I going to stay here on earth? And was it worth all my effort and all my renunciations? ”

That is why I began to fight against myself, against my own flesh, and that is how I managed to overcome all these problems and conflicts.

You can also overcome your doubts, wants and conflicts, just believe in yourself, and above all, have that want to have a life with God.


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