Task as an Offering #13

The task as an offering of this week is for you to read my previous post, where I speak about the 7 characteristics of an attractive spirit and write in your journal which characteristics you already have and which you still lack. Then write a list of how you plan to develop the characteristics that you’re missing, for example:

“I’m bold for some things but not for the things that make a difference in my life, and that for that reason I end up being irresponsible to the point people can’t count on me. From today on I will be responsible with the little I have, I’m not just going to give my best, but I will learn to do better than what I have done so far by reading about it, researching the topic and investing time on the subject.”

How about it, are you excited? Talk to your friend like sister, she may have ideas on how you can develop these characteristics effectively…

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One thought on “Task as an Offering #13

  1. December 25, 2016 at 3:24 am

    Good day everyone the characteristic that I already have is ; ALWAYS GROWING the person who does not stop in time she lives improving changing and maturing learning in life. And STRENGTH the person who does not get carried away by the emotion. Thanks from Cape town

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