Why does not God look at me? –Psalms

Who has asked, “Why does God not look at me?” I can already hear from most of you saying: “I have!”

Did you know that all that God wants most is to bless you, to help you in times of sadness, in your studies, in health, in family, etc.?

Yes absolutely yes! But … why can God not sometimes look at you? See the answer:

“For the Lord is Righteous, and loveth righteousness; His face looks to the upright. “Psalms 11: 7

Let us understand what justice is, according to the dictionary: honesty, truth, dignity, righteousness, integrity, that which is right. We see in the Psalm above that God loves righteousness because He is Righteous, His nature is true and righteous, and prevents Him from looking at those who do not abandon wrongs, lies, evil thoughts, and so on.

But if you recognize that you need to change and begin to strive for it, resisting temptations, trying to do what is right, even when friends try to influence you, God will be able to look at you, for the light of your effort, your change, you will become very clear before him and you will become a stronger and stronger girl and all things will work out for you.

Take all the “filth” out of your way, and the face of God will always be upon you.

A kiss and may God bless them all.

Sandra Lages


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