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Rahab Project

Third Self-Awareness Course 2017

In November we started our third Self-Awareness Course of 2017 and we recently completed on 3rd of January. We would like to congratulate all those who have completed the Self Awareness Course, and taken the time to invest ... Read More...

Mothers in Prayer

Mothers School

Mothers’ Outreach!

Opportunities were given to many mothers to be in our monthly meeting, that will take place Every Second Sunday at 4pm in Stamford Hill. This day has been separated for all mothers, and fathers are also ... Read More...

Godllywood Girls

Godllywood Girls July

Our Godllywood Girls meeting this month was remarkable, as we discovered the greatness of inner beauty, which always causes a positive impact in our lives. Queen Esther was the protagonist highlighted in the meeting and everyone ... Read More...


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