2019: Godllywood Challenge 34

Transcript in English of Bp. Renato’s livestream, “Ezer Kenegdo”:

This is the Hebrew word that God used to describe women. God first created man, who then gave names to all the animals in God’s creation but found none among them relate to man. All the birds, the seas, the animals were just fine. Everything was good, except when God saw that man was alone, He said, “It is not good,” and then he created an Ezer Kenegdo for man. Ezer means help, aide, rescue.

So a woman was created to be this support, a help, aid and rescue for a man. Kenegdo means to stand opposite to him, facing him, like our two hands that look alike but are opposite and compliment each other at the same time.

So she was created to be an opposite force to him, to help him, confront him when needed, and to be strong as well. She can’t be viewed as an inferior being.

Many think that women were created to be just maids for their husbands and to produce children, but this thought is completely wrong. If a woman believes this way of thinking, her life will head in the wrong direction because she will not realize her true value.

In the past, many women thought this way, so they were born just to give birth to children and had no other purpose in life. But today women don’t think this way. Today, women think that they have to be better than men, work more, show how strong and independent they are, which is completely against what they really were created to be back in the Garden of Eden. But perhaps they were told from childhood that men were worthless, that they should never be dependent on a man, and all that is against what God had planned.

The same thing happens when men don’t understand the value and important role that women play in their lives. This is why many only pay attention to looks – they’re pleasure seekers who view women only as accessories, wanting to dominate them. When their viewpoint is skewed, their behavior becomes skewed as well, both women and men. But when both understand their true roles, they find the happiness that God had wanted for them from the beginning.

When God created the woman, He said to the man, “I will create a woman who will help you, and when you stray off course, she will warn you and confront you so you won’t go wrong. When a man has this view of women, he doesn’t ignore what she says nor reject her, because that would be denying the help that had been sent to aide him.

This is why God didn’t make another man to help him. He didn’t make two identical right hands. God made each one different from the other, in order to complete the other, to have different characteristics yet both be strong.

A woman has specific abilities that have been given to her by God to help a man, which are specific only to women which men do not have, which is why women are necessary. But to have this wisdom and ability, she needs to seek God, since she cannot use this strength by her own thoughts, since it is given only by God. In other words, the strength and ability that is within each woman is available only to those who seek Him.

Women are not the enemies of men, they were not made to be mistreated shouted at, punished… They were created to aide, help, and stand opposite to men, to look him in the eye, see what is happening with him, and she has been given feminine characteristics such as sweetness, femininity, kindness, graciousness, respect… all which go against what the world teaches women to be, which labels them as weak ones who now have to prove they are equal to men and end up viewing them as enemies.

God created man in His image and likeness, yet he can only have His likeness if he is united to HIM. No one can have the image and likeness of God on their own. A man and woman who are well adapted to each other is something divine, everyone can see how different they are, but adapting is not easy to do.

It’s like God placed half of His qualities into men and the other half into women so that when they learned to adapt well to each other, they would become one. So marriage takes time to function well, since these times of adaptation turns them into one flesh. This is why a single person feels the absence of someone else in their life, something that friendships can’t fulfill and sex doesn’t satisfy, because they are incomplete without their other half.

On the other hand, there are many women who use their power destructively, as a form of punishment, using their weapons wrongly because they don’t have the wisdom of God. It’s much like how diamonds can be excavated in a mine with explosives, or a house can be blown up and people killed with the same explosive, depending on who uses it.

A single person can be happy before marriage, yet he will only find total happiness after marriage, because God saw him and said that it was not good for man to be alone. When a woman is wise, she positions herself in a place of strength while at the same time being respectful. It’s very different from shouting and demanding your own way, since no man can endure the sound of his wife screaming, putting him down, incessant complaints, and so on. This is why we all need to evaluate ourselves to really understand what roles we have been given, both men and women.

When a woman is jealous and does everything against what God teaches, then she isn’t heard. She is ignored by her husband and has no value for men. She shows weakness and not strength, she puts herself down and does not fulfill her role as a strong woman who helps, uplifts and is valuable.

This change isn’t just a choice but is a deep inner transformation that only God can do. He opens our eyes depending on how much we seek Him, helps us recognize when we did something wrong or if we followed bad advice, and only God can cause this transformation. No one wants to stay with a weak person, who adds nothing good to life, who’s always waiting for the other to change. We can’t expect this change within ourselves while waiting for someone else to decide to change. How often have we tried to change for a week or a month, and just couldn’t do it with our own strength? This is why we need to seek strength from heaven, which is far greater than all of us. When we’re connected to God, we have assurance that we are led by HIM, and we find all that is good. There is nothing better in this world than what comes directly from Him.

As it says: I will lift up my eyes to the mountains, from where shall my help come? (Psalm 121) The word “help” used in this verse (Ezer), is the same word that God uses to describe women, and you can only be an Ezer if you have THE Ezer (the Helper) inside of you, which is God Himself. And a man can only have this helper, this aide, when God is dwelling within him. If a man says, “No, I can handle it,” then he’s not accepting the help that God has prepared for him and will receive nothing. He’ll keep on going all alone. And that’s why it all depends on each one of us.

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4 thoughts on “2019: Godllywood Challenge 34

  1. Rochelle
    13 de March de 2019 at 22:20

    This is very powerful that our communion with God has to be the first priority above everything. For things to fall into place including all areas of my life

  2. Rochelle
    13 de March de 2019 at 22:23

    Having the Holy Spirit is essential. It’s a must. Our dependence depends on it.

  3. 1 de May de 2019 at 10:18

    this post is very strong help to realise When God created the woman, He said to the man, “I will create a woman who will help you, and know my true role as a women.

  4. 1 de May de 2019 at 10:19

    this post is very strong help to realise God create a woman who will help you, andi know my true role as a women.

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