“I prayed to God for guidance, to be the mother my daughter needed.”

“A year ago I failed to understand that my daughter had grown up and was no longer a baby. As a child when she craved attention, I would give her a toy and she would be fine. However, this no longer worked anymore.
Through the Mothers in Prayer Group, I recognised myself as a mother who would always say “no” even before she finished asking her question.

She started to misbehave and consequently had problems at school. I asked her how could I help and she replied, “nothing, because you always tell me no”.
Her words made me analyse what kind of mother I had been.
At that moment, I remembered what I learnt in the Mothers in Prayer group. I made a prayer and asked God for guidance to be the mother my daughter needed me to be.
I started to have quality time with her, giving her the attention she required and started being more present in her life.

I even surprised myself because I started saying “yes” more. I saw she would just ask me about simple things. Today, when my answer is “no”, I first explain to her the reason why and she understands. As a result, her behaviour has changed, she opens up to me, trusts me and now we talk about everything.

-Hellen Nascimento-


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