Self-Help Seminar April 2017

Is it shameful to be born a woman?

On Saturday the 22nd of April, hundreds of women gathered at the Rainbow Theatre, and those outside London via conference, for another enlightening Self-Help Seminar. The seminar taught them to understand their true strength and be proud to be women.

In recent years we see many women comparing their own strength to that of men and often feeling embarrassed about being feminine. In the effort to prove their competence and strength, many women are losing their essence. Many feel ashamed to be women and they end up with lots of internal struggles. The seminar helped them understand that being different doesn’t equal being weaker.

As women, we have an inner strength that goes beyond our anatomy and understanding this strength and resilience can set us free and help us fit in our role much better.

Did you miss it? Have a look at some photos of this amazing seminar. And, if you were there, share with us your thoughts about it. We’d love to hear from you.

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