Self-Help Seminar: Learning to use the Power that transforms


On SAturday 15th October, hundreds of women at the Rainbow Theatre and via conference all over the UK, participated in the Self-Help’s 10th seminar of excellence. Mrs Ester Bezerra, author of A Dama da Fé, which will soon be translated to and published in English, shared her secret of how she deals with day to day challenges in a supernatural way.


Many, when faced with challenges, such as incurable illnesses, devastating financial losses or relationship failures, are not able to continue and pick themselves up. But, by using her faith, Mrs Bezerra is able to turn bad situations into her favour and come out a winner. In addition, Mrs Claudia Brito also shared, through personal examples, how faith plays an important role in her life.
The participants of yesterday’s Self-Help seminar received a faith jab, which we trust will help them tackle and overcome situations in their lives which have been challenging them for a long time.
You too can benefit from our Self-Help seminars. Come join us every 3rd Saturday of each month. For more information, please call 020 7686 6000.



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