Godllywood’s purpose is to rescue values that were lost by the feminine society, forming better women in all aspects, allying personal care with social support. In other words, a woman who wants to be different at home, with her family, parents, husband, children, at work, in her appearance, will receive guidance, based on the Word of God, inside the group, together with other women who have the same objective.

“We obviously want to make of these young ladies exemplary women of God. But that is only possible when the principles of God are lived and valued above everything else that this world has to offer. The common direction that this world is taking the women nowadays, is diverting them from happiness and from the responsibilities that were given to us since the time of Creation. Our singularity as women has been overshadowed by the philosophy of feminism and by the immorality that fills all the aspects of our culture. Godllywood was made to be a refuge of the negative attitudes and also a place where true feminility may grow and flourish through the teaching based on the Biblical commandments, encouragement of leadership, and friendships that will be formed with other young women of faith. Several women have been asking, ” What means to be a total woman?” Our objective is to be a living answer to this question, an example for the world around us, showing that the ways of God take us to a life much better and much more abundant than we can ever imagine!” Cristiane Cardoso


The greatest achievement of the one who is going to participate of the group is the inner transformation. Many women, who once lived with low self-esteem, or did not know how to behave or relate with relatives or friends, after receiving guidance, counsellings and tasks that stimulate their creative side, independence, personal care, zeal with their homes and good relationship with the people around them, turned into people who are anow able to go beyond their own limits, proving that the obstacles, many times, are imposed by themselves, but with dedication and effort, no obstacle is able to stop them. Therewith, the results are visible in their own appearance, at home and at work, because above al, their inner side was worked on.