Day 4 -GW Africa enjoying a tea party with Mrs Cris

On the forth day of the trip the Godllywood members from Africa got a chance to visit the Temple of Solomon for a special tea party with the founder of the Godlywood group, Big Sister Cristiane Cardoso.

Mrs Cristiane advised the women to step out of their comfort zone and do things differently.

“Sometimes you only want to do things that you love and are comfortable with, because you want to please yourself, but what about what God wants you to do for Him? You can’t let fear or the opinion of others or selfishness take over when you need to do certain things.

When you say ‘no’ to God, you get the sense that you disappointed Him. Your conscience tells you that you didn’t do what you were supposed to do,” said Mrs Cristiane. She further explained that it is when one does something she likes, that can only bless her life, but it might not bless others.

“God teaches us to love our enemies and submit to our husbands. However, people fail to please God because they want to do what they feel like doing, not what He wants them to do. They reject what He teaches them to do. If you are selfish, you will not be blessed. If you want to be rich just to show off, then it means you have wrong intentions.

When God blesses you, it’s not for your own gratification but for His glory, and you should put Him first in your life. You should glorify God with your blessings and He will sustain them.” she said.

The ladies were given an opportunity to share and say what they have learned. Mrs Cristiane concluded by making a last prayer, she prayed for GW in Africa, that the group may grow spiritually and expand, and she prayed for everyone present to put into practice what they learned, and for them to have a safe journey back home.

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