Day 5 Attending Sunday Service in the Temple

On the fifth day of the trip the Godllywood members from Africa participated in the Sunday morning  service at the Temple of Solomon. Dressed in the colourful traditional attires representing some of the tribes in Africa the members knew in their hearts that they were there to not only be feed spiritually but that they were representing  the continent and Godllywood members.

During the service the members got the chance to sing a song which in lyrics explain the union there should be between the creator and the creation “Eduzane Nawe”, translated as “Close to you”.

The below images captures  and comments from the Godllywood member express how remarkable the day was for them.

”It was such a blessing and an honor for us to be in the Temple to sing “Eduzane Nawe” more over to fellowship together with the group representing Godllywood Africa. and what I got for myself with the message for Sunday is that I have to obey God in order for him to grant justice in my life.Obedience is the key to live a blessed life”,said Kgomotso Mokoena from Soweto,Bara.

Sunday service was a blessing when Bishop Clodomir preached about obedience which brings us closer to God and disobedience which separate us from God.God also gave us a opportunity to sing and Glorify God in the Temple of Solomon,Said Sisanda Seretse from Botswana.

My experience of Sunday service at the Temple was very reviving for me. Bishop Clodomir preached about the justice of God. We opened the bible in the book of Luke chapter 18 vs 1- 8. Its about the injustice judge and the widow. The widow needed justice upon her adversary from the judge, she kept nagging the judge., the judge didn’t fear God. But because she was bothering the judge, her adversary was given.Bishop explained that we have our lawyer which is the Lord Jesus. And that Jesus loves justice.Therefore we need to come before God using the right faith, not the demonic one,because sometimes we are faced with unresolved problems because we are disobedient to His word. We come to Him pleading for justice and yet we live a life of sin. We have to become the reference of God.We spoke to God, and we asked for His presence, His Spirit in our lives.We were then asked to sing. We went in front to sing. It was a surprise because we didn’t really prepared ourselves. It was a blessing though.Said Ntsikelelo Sitshwele from Durban.

The first highlight of the meeting was  the  message of JUSTICE.That we should not be around people who are unfaithful. If someone is unfaithful to  God she/he will  definitely be unfaithful to you.We should not do injustice to others, because the same injustice will come back to you. That message really caught my attention especially that we shouldn’t accept injustice  we must fight for it and demand justice from God and not to man.The main highlight was the HOLY SPIRIT ,when we were seeking the HOLY SPIRIT,I was uplifted l felt nothing  but peace l couldn’t stop speaking with God ,I was not praying ,I poured my heart out ,I emptied myself,I asked Him to revive me and l refused to  leave  the Temple without being baptised with  the  HOLY SPIRIT ,I felt nothing but peace and assurance, It was like  the first time seeking the HOLY SPIRIT ,I couldn’t stop .I kept on going on and on and on.I had encounter with Him, I forgot everything, Where l am?, who am ?,I had tears of joy ,I realised afterward when opening my eyes that l was in TEMPLE OF SOLOMON .The performance ,When we sung the song, “Eduzane Nawe” made me realise that we were really blessed ,I can’t sing but my voice on Sunday did justice because l sang whole-heartedly and l really love this song very much .l came out of my comfort zone and singing in front of so many  people .The Temple was FULL ,the pictures and the response of people the ,warm welcome of the members ,The ladies were nice and colourful ,I really appreciated our traditional attire”, said Tholakele Mohanoe Kagiso-Merafe.



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