From mother to mother: Blessed

Dear Mother,

“Blessed are all who seek refuge in him” Psalms 2:12.

Do you know what means to be blessed? It means to be happy …

Think now, Mother. Are you happy with your daughter’s upbringing, with her behaviour?

How has your relationship been with her?

How has her life been at home, at school, at church? What is her behaviour like? Is your heart happy? Then, have you sought refuge in the Lord?

Seek God with all your heart. Give your troubles and difficulties to Him, for we become empowered when we become dependent on Him.

God bless you!

Eliana Urbaneja


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One thought on “From mother to mother: Blessed

  1. alice dje lou
    9 de July de 2017 at 20:21

    j’ai compris que nous devons chercher Dieu de tout notre coeur car nous avons besoin de lui dans notre vie.

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