From Mother to Mother: No evil

 “He who keeps his command will know no evil thing.” Ecclesiastes 8: 5.

Dear Mother,

Read carefully what the verse above says … No evil, none … The promises of God are fulfilled, for God owes nothing to anyone.

But He is also righteous. We must obey His Word, for He asks us to keep His commandments, that is, His Word, His direction.

This is what you should teach your children, if you do not want to lose them to the world, which means, to lose them to addictions, illnesses, bad ways, bad friends, bad influences. There are so many bad things in this world that we could spend all day talking about them.

What we have seen is exactly the opposite, especially with teenagers. So many have become lost, walking aimlessly, doing things that everyone else does. Pay attention … for it is now that they need your care, your advice, your teachings. And this is one of them — teach them to respect the will of God, for in Him alone we will find refuge and security. The Word of God says that he who is of God the devil, (evil) does not touch.

See your responsibility in the life and future of your children.

Think about it and be honest with yourself. Have you taught the commandments of God to your children? It is never too late to show them the true path to follow.

God bless!

Eliana Urbaneja.

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