From mother to mother: rich in mercy

Dear Mother,

“But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us” (Ephesians 2: 4)

As we are sinners, we often do things we do not want. We make mistakes. Countless times we make the wrong choices. We make promises we do not fulfil, in fact, we do so many things that even if we do not wish to, we sadden God.

Yet our beloved God, who is full of mercy and love, takes care of us and with patience teaches us and gives us strength to move forward.

What I mean is, Mother, He is the same way you should be with your daughter. Have patience and mercy. Do not judge her, do not demand holiness and everything right, since she is a person being formed (and remember, formed by you). It is necessary… yes, give her much love, understanding and attention. Take care of your daughter, take care of your daughter’s faith. Show that she can trust you and and can lay all her life in God.

God bless!

Eliana Urbaneja.

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6 thoughts on “From mother to mother: rich in mercy

  1. Ouattara Fatoumata
    15 de June de 2017 at 18:01

    As a mother to help my daughter building up the right identity as a person also as a woman of faith, l have to be patient, kind and lovely with her.

    Comme mère pour aider ma fille a construire une identité correcte comme une personne mais aussi comme une femme de foi je dois être patiente,gentille et amiante avec elle.

  2. 17 de June de 2017 at 13:15

    I pray hard for my mum everyday to have mercy upon me as God is to us all day by day Amen

  3. 18 de June de 2017 at 15:56

    A mother has to be merciful to her children in order for God to bless her and keep her longer.

  4. 22 de June de 2017 at 14:20

    Une mère ne doit jamais condamné ses enfants elle doit pardonner quelques soit les erreurs qu’elle pourrais commettre les aimer les comprend les aider prier pour eux les amener vers DIEU a travers la pratique de la foi les enseignement biblique les convaincre a aller au réunion.

  5. catherine tembo
    23 de June de 2017 at 13:40

    As children we are not alone mothers are always there for us ,the most important thing is that this can not be done by positive behaviour but by practicing and showing love to our mothers.

  6. 30 de June de 2017 at 8:54

    Notre coeur est le plus precieux ,il faut prendre soin pour appaiser la deppression

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