From Mother to Mother: They call her blessed.

 “Her children rise up and call her blessed” Prov. 31:28


Dear Mother,

Note what kind of trust and admiration your children must have for you. As mothers we play a fundamental role in the raising of our children. We have a duty to understand rather than to demand!


Know that a son sees his mother as his safe haven, that is, he believes that his mother will have an answer and solution to all his problems.  I know we do not have superpowers, let alone the answer to everything. But it is our duty to hear, to understand, to ease that moment which they are going through.


If we do not know how to act, the Word of God has an answer for everything.  Perhaps you are facing problems with your children because of a lack of patience and understanding or maybe you did not ask God to be this mother that your son calls “blessed”, that is, a wise, cheerful woman who is always ready to listen.


Be careful, Mother.  Nowadays children live in a new era when your presence is necessary. Do not forget that the days are evil.


God bless!

Eliana Urbaneja



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