Making an impact this Mandela Day

No matter how small or big an action is, whenever it’s done with love, effort and consideration, it always makes an impact on someone else’s life.

Every year the Godllywood group in South Africa embarks on a global movement in celebration of Mandela Day in order to give back to communities. This is done through social visits to children’s homes, orphanages, old age homes and even homes for the young. Godllywood undertakes its visits on a monthly basis and never misses the opportunity to do more on special occasions such as this one.

Believing that it is up to each individual to make a difference in the lives of others, the Godllywood group once again participated wholeheartedly in the 67 minutes for Mandela campaign.

The aim was to make an impact, to show their love, to spend time with others and mainly to reach out to many people as they could through a variety of activities.

The Godllywood group participated in many different activities and spent their 67 minutes in a helpful way. Activities included traditional dance performances, chalk art entertainment and giving of their time and attention to those in need.

At some of the places visited, both the young and the elderly were presented with gifts such as scarves, blankets, photo frames and other small gifts. In some homes residents were also given food, soup and even treated to breakfast.

The Godllywood group would like to extend their appreciation to various homes such as the Kensington Retirement Home,  Rakatane Place of Safety, Kids’ Victory Care Centre,  Lapeng Care for the Aged and all other orphanages and homes throughout the country.  Yesterday Godllywood reached out and touched the lives of nearly 1,000 people in over 15 institutions in different communities and will continue doing so.


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