Questions & Answers




1 – What is Godllywood?

Godllywood was born from a righteous anger toward the negative values which our society has acquired from Hollywood. Through this work our main objective is to help women become exemplary and turn their backs on negative influences and Hollywood’s imposition. Members learn to develop family ties which have been lost in recent years.

2 – What was Godllywood created for?

The group was created for those who want to be a different kind of: daughter, business woman, single lady, girlfriend, fiance, mother, niece, friend, cousin… The kind of woman who makes the difference: at home, at work, in her behavior, in her spiritual life, and in her character and appearance. Up to here everything’s normal right. Anyone can accept these things, why not? But there’s more, all those who say they want to be different are not always ready to be different, and that’s why the group was created with strict rules; that once broken, the member is disqualified from remaining in the group.

3 – What does Godllywood do monthly?

– Themed monthly meetings

 One-on-one counseling

 Monthly tasks

 Social work in penitentiaries, nursing homes, hospitals, orphanages, and homes for those who are struggling. Projects which are still in development: the Rahab Project and T-Amar.

4 – If I can’t commit in doing certain things or being present at events or meetings, can I still join?

No. Once you are a part of Godllywood, it’s necessary that you are present at events, meetings, etc.

5 – Is there a certain age you have to be to participate?

There are 11 groups within Godllywood:

  1. Pearls – girls aged between 6 and 10 years;
  2. Sapphires – adolescents aged between 11 and 14 years;
  3. Emeralds – teenagers between 15 and 20 years;
  4. Diamonds – young women aged between 21 and 25 years;
  5. Ruth – single women from 26 years upwards;
  6. Esther – married women from 26 years upwards;
  7. Hannah – women from 45 years and more;
  8. Rebecca – pastors’ fiancees;
  9. Precious – pastors’ daughters;
  10. Sarah – wives of pastors who work in administration;
  11. Deborah – pastors’ wives.


6 – Do members have to pay in order to be a part of the group?

In order for us to have the group and hold its activities everyone’s help is necessary to contribute through monthly dues.

7 – If I do not attend the church can I participate in Godllywood?

No, the group is exclusively for members of The UCKG, who are active in another group of the church as well.

8 – Do you have to do tasks every month?

Yes, the tasks are for members to grow spiritually every month. We have tasks for everything in life, but we don’t always want to complete them. In the group tasks are an obligation, but they end up motivating women to do what they know they should have been doing in the first place, but don’t. You will have a list of monthly tasks that should be sent to your Sister monthly. All of them have objectives to help in a certain area of your life:

– Spiritual – the new birth, Holy Spirit, salvation, a purpose of faith.

– Character – fruits of the Spirit

– Behavior – at work, in church, at school and at home

– Personal care – for your health, appearance, clothes, make-up, home, finances, etc.

– Love life – marriage, engagement, dating, and single life

– Helping hand – serving God, saving souls, and giving more to those around you

– Friendship

– Talents

9 – What if I can’t complete the tasks for that month?

A member which does not do their tasks on a given month has to do them the next month along with the new tasks for that month. If in case she’s not able to complete them by the third month, she will receive a STRIKE.

10 – What is a strike?

The member which does not complete their tasks up to the third month, does not pay their monthly dues, gives a bad testimony at home, in church, in school, work, or is involved in a scandal, will receive a “strike.” Two strikes are permitted, but if she receives a third she will be removed from Godllywood. Each strike stays on a member’s record for one year. After one year it is taken off.

11 – Can a member be removed from the group?

Yes, from the moment that they don’t obey the rules.

12 – When will it end?

It won’t. Godllywood is something continual that helps one’s growth, maturity, and development into a better young adult or woman.

13 –The group hasn’t come to my city, can I still participate?

If The UCKG in your region has a group, you can participate through the Big Sister there. If not, you won’t be able to participate.

14 – In order to join do I have to do the Godllywood Challenge? 

Yes. In order to join you should already be doing the Godllywood Challenge before you become a candidate.

15 – How does the group work?

Every member of the group is followed up by someone, a bit more experienced than they, to help them with difficulties and teach them how to get the most out of their faith in God.

A sister:

– Takes care of you like a daughter

– Prays for you every day

 Reprimands you for your own good

 Thinks about personal tasks which will help you

 She will always be available to you

 Your sister will always be in contact with you, be it by email, cellphone, Facebook, or our private Godllywood community. That’s why it’s extremely important that you get online at least once a week.

16 – What does Godllywood expect you to do? 

– Read and comment on the Godllywood community.

– Be an active member of The UCKG, evangelize, and participate in the   meetings of your group.

 Be present in the Sunday and Wednesday services

– Do your monthly tasks

– Be in contact with your Sister, giving her feedback on your tasks weekly.

– Be humble when receiving correction

 Agree with Godllywood’s mission and to work to reach the group’s objectives

– Submit to Godllywood leadership and obey our code of conduct

– Participate in the activities, meetings, bazaars, and events faithfully.

 Follow the rules of the No-no list rigorously

– Help to raise funds, organize and clean after our monthly meetings

– Promote Godllywood to other women in church.

– Give your $20 dues at the monthly meeting in order to cover the group’s expenses.

– Allow yourself to grow, change, mature, and develop into the woman that God created you to be.

17 – What is the group’s code of conduct?

That is the pledge which is taken on Godllywood Night by all the new members which make a promise out-loud:

“I vow to be discreet in my words, behaviour and appearance. I vow to be a positive example at home, in Church and wherever I go. I vow to be courageous and humble, to accept correction and make the necessary changes to build a solid faith in God. I vow to look for the good in people.”

18 – What is the No-no list?

In the No-no list you will find everything that is not allowed in Godllywood members; it relates to both a member’s behavior and appearance.

19 – When is the next opportunity to apply for the group?

This usually happens a month before RUSH begins.

20 – What is RUSH?

RUSH is a period of time that the candidate proves how much they want to join the group through various tasks. The RUSH for 2015 will start in April and will end in October. Normally many candidates give up during RUSH and others are disqualified because they don’t turn in their tasks on time, or they don’t commit to the objectives of the group.
21 – What are the RUSH tasks?

See which of the groups you can apply for and ask for the form so that you can know about the tasks. There are usually 6 tasks each month. Some need to be worked on weekly.

22 – If you pass through RUSH?

If the candidate is able to complete all the RUSH tasks, keep to the rules of the No-no list faithfully, and the code of the group, she will be interviewed by a Big Sister on the last month. In this interview, the Big Sister will decide, based on the references of her Sister and RUSH tasks, if she will be approved or not. Our only problem is we are limited in the size of the group. We don’t have the capability to give the kind of personal attention we want to so many women at the same time, that’s why there is also a limit to how many candidates are approved in each RUSH.

23 – How will I know if I passed RUSH?

Once a candidate is approved, she will receive an e-mail from her Big Sister congratulating her with an invitation to sign up to our exclusive and private Godllywood community, as well as present her to the Sister who will be following up on her. She will also receive an invitation to the initiation ceremony where she will pledge the code of the group. The event is called Godllywood Night, and she will be able to bring one to two guests (depending on the place.)

24 – Is it necessary to join Godllywood to please God?

Not necessarily, but in Godllywood you will learn how to change and correct the bad habits which displease God, that perhaps go by unnoticed to your eyes. It’s also to have a spiritual Personal Trainer at your side; someone who is ready to help you grow in your faith.

25 – If I join the group, does it seem like I want to be better than anybody?

No. When you participate you will learn how to be a servant, to renounce your will and take the first steps toward your internal transformation. And that is not to want to be better than anybody; that is the desire to be and do your best for God.