Teresita Barnachea – Hong Kong

I learned a lot which helped me change inside out. I know how to take care my body, I learned how to give value to myself, the way I dress, the way I speak. I’m more patient now, friendly, with self confidence, courageous and an over comer because I overcame my fear and shyness.

Sometimes I would share with others what God spoke to me but they would reject or ignore what I’d say. Despite their actions, I never used my emotions. I have the courage to introduce Jesus in their lives. I began to speak in public which I never used to be before. I don’t mind whether my grammar is right or wrong and I realized I can do it.

I’ve learned also how to use a computer. Before I didn’t have enough knowledge when it comes to technology, but because of my desire to learn, I humbled myself to ask someone for help and today, it’s my pleasure to help others too.
Now I can see my family saw the changes in me.
In my health, I’m still doing exercise because my body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and I need to take care of it. I set time to do some exercise and am more aware of what I eat unlike before. Before I ate whatever I wanted. Now my blood sugar is normal and my high blood pressure is under control.

I am now bold to express what is inside of me. I know it’s not yet perfect enough but with God I know nothing is impossible.

Teresita Barnachea, Hong Kong
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