Godllywood Self-help: #taskasanoffering18

shutterstock_238109872Darlings, if you participated of the last Godllywood Self-help meeting in the month of May, you learned that lack of appreciation generates complaints and no one likes to be around people who complain, not even God. Your #taskasanoffering of this week will help you practice what you have learned:

In the next two weeks, you will appreciate your home:

  • You will tidy up your house the best way possible!
  • You will take time to clean and organize it.
  • How about taking a day to organize the cabinets and drawers?
  • Add a few small plants or flowers in the main areas of the house.
  • Fix things that are broken, replace burned out bulbs…
  • Plan a redecoration to implement it when you can financially.
  • Clean the areas where you never have time to clean like the balcony, windows, the entrance, drawers, etc.

Once you have done of the of things from the list above, if possible take a picture and post it on your Instagram and tag me @cristianecardosooficial — I want to enjoy your appreciation too. :)

Questions about the Godllywood Self-help? Leave them in the comments of this post for me to answer them next week, okay?

In faith.

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2 thoughts on “Godllywood Self-help: #taskasanoffering18

  1. Nida Facun
    7 de July de 2016 at 03:15

    How will I start?

    • Asia Team
      14 de July de 2016 at 15:28

      Hi dear Nida!

      You can find the first Task as an Offering and you can check out more details about the Godllywood Self-Help through the link below.


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