Godllywood Self-Help: #Taskasanoffering22



Those of you who managed to do the last task, congratulations!

Look at all the things you’ve accomplished through the Godllywood Self-Help task as an offerings:

  1. You did something unexpected for someone that you’d like for them to do for you and your family
  2. You prayed for those who wronged you
  3. You did something good for someone you didn’t know
  4. You did something good for yourself
  5. You learned how to take care of your inner self
  6. You learned how to be discreet
  7. You learned what fits you according to your body type, age, and skin tone
  8. You shared everything you learned with friends on an outing or an afternoon tea
  9. You got rid of pride, doing everything contrary to it
  10. You treated yourself to something you’ve always wanted to do
  11. You pushed yourself to be a better mom, daughter, friend and wife
  12. You pushed yourself to be better for God
  13. You discovered how to develop an attractive spirit
  14. You noticed where you were being complacent in your life
  15. You’ve evaluated everything that you’ve conquered up to now with these tasks as an offerings
  16. You have invested in your feminine side
  17. You brought someone new for the monthly Self-Help Meeting
  18. You have learned to appreciate your home
  19. You have changed what made you seem unpleasant in front of others
  20. You have learned to trust
  21. Lastly, you have done one of these three tasks: exercised three times per week for a month, blessed your family daily for a month, you took extra special care of your appearance for a month

So we can continue towards an excellent spirit, we will start with the next one, taskasanoffering22:

Read the Bible daily, even if it’s just one verse, until the next task. Choose a book of the Bible and start to read from the first chapter.

When God speaks something to you, post it immediately on your social network, to share with others that perhaps need to hear the same. If you want, you can use the hash tag #taskasanoffering22

Kisses and stay in the faith!


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