From one mother to another: Discipline – Part III

Dear Mother,

We will continue with the subject of discipline. Actually, it sounds like a never-ending conversation, lol!

If we stop to think, everything should revolve around discipline. Everything would be more peaceful more balanced and natural. But let’s focus on the girls.

Mothers believe that is not worth trying, since their daughters do not obey and do not even care. But do you know why is this happening, mother? Because it is missing, you have to take possession of the authority you have and apply discipline. Let’s put it this way, what it means is making girls think.

When you tell her that she should not eat sweets and fried food, you should explain that, in addition to making her gain weight, they are harmful to her health. You should explain that if she does not study, she will not become anyone in life. She will not get a job, she will not achieve what she wants and will never accomplish anything in life.

You must explain that she has to respect herself and know how to wait for her time, instead of wanting to do everything her friends do, hangout with boys, go to parties, dress up to attract attention. In short … all these will make her no longer dream about marrying and raising a happy family, because the consequences are frustration and sorrow.

So, mother, the best way to apply discipline is to explain the reasons for everything.

I’m sure your daughter will feel protected and loved.

Think about it…

May God guide you!!

Eliana Urbaneja

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