Hannah – A faithful woman

All of us have dreams and desires, but what how do we react when things don’t happen exactly how we want?

Hanna was a married woman many centuries ago when was normal for men to have many wives, and even though she was not the only wife she was the one that her husband loved the most. She should be happy for that but there was something that frustrated her so much that made her feel the most unfortunate woman on earth, she couldn’t bear children.

Remember this was many years ago when woman had no value or the little value they had was measure by how good reproductive they were, for her husband she was still the favorite one but she couldn’t see anything else, she only could focus in her inability and she start to have her internal fights.

She was looking to her unhappiness and wondering “Why did this happen to me? Why me?”

Meanwhile she remained in this emotional state her situation stay also the same, but one day she stopped looking to her problem and she begin to look to the solution.

Hannah decided to stop using her emotions and act by faith she made a prayer to God and He bless her with a son named Samuel.

One of the virtues of Hannah was that even though her bitterness took a while she was always faithful, she was faithful to God because she never stop believing in Him, faithful to her husband and everyone around her.

This is a true lesson, even though things are not the way we expect we keep faithful to what we believe, stop looking to the problem but looking to the solution.   

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Source: Godllywood UK

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