First Godllywood Self-Help Seminar for 2017

We started the year of virtue and Godllywood Self-Help introduced the first secret in the first seminar of the year 2017.

The seminar will happen every three months.

Hundreds of women were present while Claudia Brito hosted the seminar in Hong Kong, she started saying:
“What do you think about yourself? Are you worried about what people think about you?”

The objective was to open the eyes of the women present there and help them to see how capable and worth they are!

Women nowadays are very competitive, they always compare themselves with others. Some women always put themselves down, they depend on compliments, praises and attention, they are always trying to impress. On the other hand, some have their self-esteem so high that they believe they are the most beautiful, the most intelligent, capable and so on…

The society nowadays follow celebrities, media and like to copy Hollywood stars, they end up loosing their own identity. Some people even exchange their dignity and values for something material, or deceiving power, they are empty and pretend to be happy.

The meeting was an eye-opener for those who want to rescue their identity and values. They were very attentive to everything that was said.

“People out there see what you have, what you can offer them, they set up standards, but that’s not how God sees you, your value comes from High!” (Claudia Brito)

When we put ourselves down, we are filled with insecurities and negative thoughts about ourselves, we end up becoming bitter.

Our happiness cannot depend on others, when we have this consciousness we are free to be who we are, to love ourselves and develop our talents even if there’s no recognition, we keep on believing in and valuing ourselves.

She finished offering people prayers and the opportunity to receive God’s mind.

They were invited to come forward and received a prayer so they could empty themselves from all anxiety, stress, wrong ideas that the world imposed to them and receive God’s mind, after the prayer they were lighter and relieved.

We all have a lot to meditate and to take action upon what we learned.

Everyone is welcome in those seminars, the next one will happen in April 2017.

Dates, time and location of the Godllywood Self-Help meetings vary in different parts of Asia and Oceania, follow our Facebook page for the latest updates.







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