Godllywood was born from a righteous anger toward the negative values which our society has acquired from Hollywood. Through this work our main objective is to help women become exemplary and turn their backs on negative influences and Hollywood’s imposition. Members learn to develop family ties which have been lost in recent years.

The group has grown a great deal in 2015, especially in the spiritual area, but I’m not satisfied. While girls and women within the group have been developing, many thousands outside are not. That’s why, in 2016, we want to do something different…

We have opened the Godllywood Self Help. Since we cannot personally follow up on so many women at the same time, we will have opened the work of the group to all women who have the willingness to grow with us.

What is the difference between Godllywood and Godllywood Self Help?

Godllywood is a closed and exclusive group, that consists of members of Universal that are active in any of the groups of the church (Soul winners, Youth group, Assistants, Caleb, etc…) and they desire to become better women for God. These women are given tasks according to their group and personal tasks to meet their needs individually.

Each month, the group gather its members for the “Godllywood Moment” in which each group receives practical guidances on how to apply the teachings given in their daily lives.

Through a personalised work and appropriate by age, the group members receive spiritual and motivational support, with a sister who will follow their development closely guiding and assisting in everything that is necessary, always following and based on the Word of God and Christian faith.

And the Godllywood Self Help?

Our group’s monthly meetings will be open and the task-offerings we give to God each month will be posted here on the Godllywood Site so you may all enjoy them. In order to avoid the discouragement that happens when we start something that is good for us, all participants will be encouraged to choose a friend to be like a sister … a friend who will share her tasks with you and with whom you will be able to share yours.

But Cris, who can participate?

Everyone, without exception, regardless of your religion or age.

But Cris, what about the rules of the group? Do we have to follow them?

Not necessarily, although I’m sure that over time they will no longer be rules for you.

But Cris, but if I’m already in the RUSH, should I continue or not?

It’s up to you to decide. If you enter the Godllywood group, you will have the personal follow-up that the group offers, but you will have to comply with the rules of the group… it is something like this:

Cris, I want to join the group!

Unfortunately all places for 2016 are taken, but you can start on the Godllywood Self Help, and as soon as more places open up, you will be the first to know.

*Some countries are still accepting applications for the Rush, look for your pastor’s wife to get more information.

When do I start?

Participate of our Monthly Meetings on every month. For more information on addresses and times where the meeting will take place, click here.

So that’s it girls! Start by choosing a friend like a sister to come with you to the monthly meetings and I’m sure you will not leave the meeting the same way you came.

Ah… Cris, I forgot… what should I wear to these monthly meetings?

You can dress however you want.

Cris Cardoso

Below you will find the links for each new task of 2016.

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Every week a new task will be put up here. 🙂