The Godllywood aims to assist women in every situation to be shaped into a better woman. With this goal, we have the following projects for specific audiences:


Project Rahab – Women who face traumas or marks from the past 
“You can’t change your past, but you can take strength from there.”
Rahab was a woman who for a long time lived a dark life, marked by disappointments and abusive relationships.But, through faith she was able to change her story. Her resilience was so great that from victim she turned on to an example of courage and strength. Rahab believed in her changes. So she managed to bury the past and wrote a promising future.She was freed of the weight she carried, she got married and started a family from which was born the Lord Jesus.

With this faith transformed as a reference, the “Project Rahab” was created to enhance and assist women who carry any kind of trauma and suffering with marks of the past. Our goal is to make each sad story, unto an example of an overcomer.We rely on volunteers who went through the same experience and have won, besides advices they are ready to provide emotional first aid.

Discover how to heal the wounds of your soul and be a new woman by attending our meetings.

Project Mothers in prayer – Include God in your relationship with your children

The prayer of a mother has great value, she is an authority over her children and her words can bless or curse. Because of society in our days the concern of a mother is constant due to the bad influences through the internet, school, neighborhood and so on.

How to keep a child safe today? How to ensure that their blessed future? Only through intelligent faith.
That’s why Mothers in Prayer Project weekly brings together mothers with various situations but one thing they have in common: the unconditional love for their children, and be in one faith on behalf of their children.

Kindly contact us for more information about these projects.

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