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Caleb Pampering Day

Godllywood joined forces with the Caleb group this past Saturday and pampered our seniors with different activities.Were you there? Let us know how it was for you.  ... Read More...


Rahab Project

The Self-Awareness Course 2019

The Self-Awareness Course has ended and so have many bad feelings, complexes and traumas.  The valuable time invested by those who completed the course has brought them many precious teachings which will now be implemented in ... Read More...

Mothers in Prayer

School for Mothers

School for Mothers – March 2019

dolescence is a period that requires the parents’ attention and commitment. Patience must be exercised during this period because only then can parents achieve positive results. Parents, you can find out more on how to have ... Read More...

Godllywood Girls

About us

What is the Godllywood Girls Group? The Godllywood Girls is a special group of the UCKG created to help in promoting personal development and character of girls from the ages of 6 to 14.Our goal is ... Read More...



How to be ugly

This article goes straight to the point. Sorry women, but the intention here is to open your eyes. Yes, the title is straightforward, sorry women, the intention here is to open your eyes to an unknown ... Read More...

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