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What is the Godllywood Girls Group?

  • The Godllywood Girls is a special group of the UCKG created to help in promoting personal development and character of girls from the ages of 6 to 14.
  • Our goal is to help and establish principles and values according to the Word of God in the girls, for them not to be confused with so many wrong ideas and inverted values that the world has been presenting.
  • In our group, every girl is treated in a unique and special way, in a manner appropriate for their age and with teachings to help them overcome problems they face as kids and as teens.

Who can participate of Godllywood Girls?

  • Girls from the ages of 6 to 14. 

What group will I be part of?

  • The groups in Godllywood Girls are separated in the following way:
    • Pearls – Girls 6 to 10 years old
    • Sapphires – Girls 11 to 14* years old

What activities take place in the group?

  • Monthly themed meeting are held with interactive activities to facilitate the lesson.
  • The Sis appointed to the girls have weekly ‘chats’ where girls can feel free to express what they thing, share their ideas and clarify doubts about daily life.
  • Personalized care is given with special attention to listen and guide the girls according to their needs.
  • There are monthly offerings (tasks) that will motivate the young girl to help her mother with chores, to be obedient, and to make the right choices in her behavior.
  • All the girls present their tasks in a scrapbook (a notebook or journal) every month, so that they can also develop their creativity while the practice what they learn.

How can I be part of the group?

  • Every year, registrations are open and the young girl has the opportunity to take part of RUSH (the name given to the process of selecting the future members of the group). During RUSH, they receive tasks that will help them develop, and these tasks need to be done with care, dedication and on time. When they complete RUSH, our dear candidates will know if they were approved or not according to the completion of their tasks and rules in the group.
  • Just a reminder that in order to be part of Godllywood Girls, it is a requirement for the parent or guarding of the girl to attend the UCKG and have the availability to bring her to the monthly meetings that happen on the second Sunday of every month. While the girl participates of the monthly meeting, the parent/guardian will participate of the School for Mothers, which is directed towards parents with teachings based on the Word of God, in order to help them in raising their children.
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