Christine is a result of her mother’s faithful prayers.

“My mother was always in hospital and as a result I became very independent. I began associating myself with the wrong crowd, which lead me to sell drugs.

I started dating someone, made him “my world” and later found out I was pregnant by him. I thought it was a sign from God to abandon the life I was living, as I truly wanted to be happy. However things only worsened.

One day as I was selling drugs, a man entered my car with a gun. Saying no words, he pointed it to my head. At that moment I knew it was serious. He took everything I had and left.

It finally hit me, I needed to change! I asked my mum if I could come to church with her. I obeyed and applied everything I was taught. From then on I started to see changes; I found true happiness within. The father of my daughter also started to get involved in her life. Today I am truly happy!”
-Christine Matenda-

Christine’s mother:
“My daughter was very naughty from a very young age. I decided to take part of the weekly prayers with the “Mothers in Prayer” group, as I wanted to see her change.”

Christine is a result of her mother’s faithful prayers. Come and join your faith with ours, so that very soon you may also share your testimony!


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