How to be ugly

This article goes straight to the point. Sorry women, but the intention here is to open your eyes.

Yes, the title is straightforward, sorry women, the intention here is to open your eyes to an unknown factor to many, who have ended their feminine beauty, it is called “indiscretion”. 

Solomon, one of the wisest men who ever existed, is very blunt to this subject in Proverbs 11:22:

“As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout, So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion.”

Discretion means “the state or quality of one who is discreet and does not draw attention to themselves. Ability to distinguish right from wrong; discernment; wise. Characteristic of one who has demure; modesty. Quality of someone who does not spread secrets around. Prudent.”

Unfortunately, many women don’t have any idea of what indiscretion is able to do to their appearance and reputation. Being discreet is not only about having privacy and not exposing what is intimate and not going around speaking about everything that you saw or heard. Discretion is much more than that. 

Beauty doesn’t match with scandals, making a scene, hysteria, which is part of indiscretion. It’s when a woman decides to always laugh and speak loudly, dress in a way to garner attention, or is the type of woman who doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone. Those hours spent getting ready at home or at the salon or worthless. She stays ugly. 

If you could take a picture of yourself cursing at someone, would you post it so others would see it? I doubt it! Well, what about those who watched that entire scene you made and can’t take it out of their head anymore? 

An indiscreet woman wants to get attention, however, attention should be won and not forced.

When a woman is discrete, she naturally wins the admiration of others. It’s not because that was her intention or because of her physical beauty, but simply because of her grace, elegance and femininity. These qualities come together with female discretion. A type of femininity that is so out of fashion these days. 

Just as a ring in a pig’s snout is a waste, so is a beautiful but indiscreet woman. The message she gives off is, “I don’t value myself”, “I don’t respect anyone”, “I don’t respect myself”, “look at me for the love of God”, “I need your attention”. A type of beauty that is cancelled out due to indiscretion. 

Discretion on the other hand, beautifies your exterior, your relationships and even the way you see yourself. It’s worth investing in it!

In faith,

Cristiane Cardoso

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