I was very happy to see that our January meetings of the Godllywood Self-help throughout Brazil and in many other places around the world were packed. I was not able to be there personally, but I was spiritually and indeed, it was an extraordinary meeting, wasn’t it? I am blessed to have so many women of God who I can trust to pass on the message to you! Actually, our secret is precisely being in the same spirit. What was spoken in Brazil, was also spoken in South Africa, Portugal, New York, Buenos Aires and everywhere where the group meeting has been done this month. :)

Being in one spirit comes from a relationship that we like to identify as “one faith”. We speak the same language around the world and that is what guides the growth of the Godllywood group for the honor and glory of God. I cannot be everywhere, but the Holy Spirit is and He, then uses my friends like sisters to pass the same spirit that I passed on to them for all the women in church. There is no competition between us or contradictions, there is no “each one says what they think is best”. We all speak what was agreed to say, like a close family serving the same Father.

If you couldn’t be at the last G-Self-help meeting, you can attend the next one. Here in the Uk we’ll meet every fourth Saturday of the month at 4pm at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park. If you live outside London you can look for the nearest UCKG HelpCentre. :)

Now, let’s go to this week’s subject… how to make a friend like sister? That is the question! Everyone who is doing the Godllywood Self-help needs to have a friend like sister and for those who say that they don’t have one and would like to join without one, I’d like to encourage you once again to invest in one — it’s for your own good.

The benefits you have of a friend like sister are so many that it is even difficult to explain, but I’ll try. And I’ll start by talking about why she has to be like a sister.

As you can see in the introduction of today’s post, my friends like sisters bring me peace. I count on them, they help me, they don’t want to stab me in the back or compete with me, on the contrary, they support me as I cheer for them. And that’s being part of the Body of the Lord Jesus.

He once said:

Who is My mother and who are My brothers?
And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said,
Here are My mother and My brothers! For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother. Matthew 12:48-50

When you have a friend like sister, she gives you that feeling that she is part of your own family because she wants the same things you want, to serve God. Now that you want to grow and develop your personal life, it’s time to also develop your friendships, choose those who also want what you want. And that’s where your friend like sister comes in.

My sister Vivi knows me very well. She knows my faults but also my qualities. What I like and our differences. When I’m going through difficulties and when I’m not and my way of being. She can see in my eyes what is happening to me.

And I can say the same about her. We feel at ease to share our ideas, opinions, problems and our achievements because we know that there is no judgement, criticism, envy or gossip. We trust one another. And that’s what happens when you make a friend like sister, you learn to trust her as she learns to trust you.

One helps the other. There are no bad intentions but collaboration. That outfit didn’t look good on you, she will tell you without offending you. If you could have done that task better, she will also tell you that you need to do better, not to make you feel inferior.

Over the years, I’ve made some friends like sisters and it is awesome having them, so I want you to have them too, I assure you — it’s awesome having one!

Some steps that will hep you:

  • Choose well. It’s not because someone wants to be your friend like sister that they deserve to be your FLS. Not everyone wants what you want. If you choose a friend like sister and notice that deep down she is not a friend, let alone a sister (in faith), be polite to her, don’t reject her, but know that at the moment only you can be a friend like sister and she can’t be one to you. Then, choose someone else.
  • Open up little by little. If you chose well, and see that she has the same faith and the same spiritual goals as you, then open up with her. Talk about what you like, your hobbies, style and what you like to do on weekends.  Don’t open up at once by talking about your past, your roots, your personal problems… calm down, you’ll get there. :)
  • Have a real interest in her. Who is this person? What does she like to do? Get to know her better and that is done by listening, by asking questions and gaining her trust. It’s not that you have to buy the person’s trust, but it’s important that you show her that you really want to be her friend and sometimes a small gift, a souvenir, a message of affection on a social network, a gesture of affection makes all the difference.
  • Give it time. Only over time will you become friends like sisters, it is with time that you will show each other who you really are. What’s the good in being a friend like sister for only a month? It’s unfair! After you invest so much, you get tired of each other. If this happens, it’s because you were never friends like sisters. Friends like sisters never stop being friends like sisters. Little by little, as one likes knowing the other and getting used to her, you’ll open up more and get to know each other better to then get to the best part of this relationship: helping each other in your faith.

If you still don’t have a friend like sister, talk to the pastor’s wife at a UCKG HelpCentre near you. She usually knows many women in the church and can refer you to someone. :)

Kisses my darlings!

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