“I learnt how to be a woman who values herself”

Godllywood is the place where I learnt to be myself, learnt to be open and learnt how to grow in my spiritual life.

Initially I disliked the group, as I thought it was all about appearances; dressing up, being told what to wear etc. However, since joining Godllywood, I can say it goes beyond this! It teaches us to invest in who we are inside.

Godllywood is not directed by man, but is guided solely by the Holy Spirit. Because of this, I’m learning to become a woman who is strong, who values herself, one who makes a difference in her home/wherever she goes… Above all, a Woman of God.
I still have more to learn and I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for me in the group!

-Tajera Nembhard-

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