“Inside I had many insecurities but as time passed I learnt to value myself.”

I joined Godllywood when it began here in the U.K. The group came when I needed guidance in all aspects of my life. It helped me to develop spiritually, as I was very weak and not yet defined as a person. Initially I thought I wouldn’t be good enough due to all the problems that I was facing. I later understood what the group was really about and knew it was God using it to teach me.
I didn’t want to join the group just for the sake of it, but because I longed to be different.

The group allowed me to work on myself and helped me to unveil hidden things. Inside I had many insecurities, but as time passed I learnt to value myself. It truly was God guiding me through the group! I became more humble to change and made it apart of me. Taking care of my spiritual life, investing in my health, family and dealing with different people, are some of the many things I have learnt through Godllywood.
I am very grateful to be part of a group that takes care of me in such a way.

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