Is Godllywood now a movement?

The group has undergone changes and has now become an open group for all women who want to become better and please God.

Because of the influence from Hollywood, female values have been very misrepresented. That scenario influenced the creation of Godllywood, which aims to lead women to rescue their original essence and become a reference in all areas of their lives.

Recently, through a livestream on Instagram, it was announced that the group has undergone changes.In an exclusive interview, the creator of the group, Cristiane Cardoso, emphasised that it has now become a Movement. She explains the adjustment: “The group has its limits. It required you to sign up, to be followed up on and to give account of the completion, or not, of the monthly tasks. 

However, the movement is not like this. Living the principles and the concept of the Godllywood is now up to each individual person.”

Cristiane clarifies that it’s not an ideological movement, but it raises the flag of “Holiness to the Lord”. This is because it was not created by a human mind, but from God’s mind and His Word. “Nowadays, everybody says to believe in God, but they do not live this Holiness to the Lord and their lives do not reflect this belief. Whoever is part of Godllywood practices the Word of God even if it goes against their mind-set, their personality, fashion, fame, popularity and even their friendships,” she describes.

Who can join?
To join the old group you needed to take part of RUSH (fulfilling activities for a period of time).

Now, the only requirement is for them to want to please God above everything else. You don’t have to be an assistant or a member of the Universal Church, for the movement is open to all women, of all ages, and who prioritize fulfilling God’s will.“It was an innovation inspired by God, to give everything that He has given us to other women. This initiative will also be encouraging those who were part of the closed group to now become more dependent on God, and less on other people,” says Cristiane.

How it works
Women can follow the posts and live videos on the official Godllywood UK or Godllywood Ireland, page on Instagram (@godllywooduk / @godllywoodireland). “At first, the movement is making women aware of the rules (the old ‘no-no’ list), but in a more extensive way, so that when the Tasks as an Offerings come, they can take advantage of each one and grow spiritually,”explains Cristiane.

The Tasks as an Offerings will also be transmitted by the social network. “After all rules are clarified on Instagram, the Tasks will be published and will work as before. The only difference is no one will be following up on you anymore. This change will reveal who will do the tasks for God, and who does them to be recognized by people.”The Godllywood moments will be done live on Instagram and will also be saved on the IGTV of the official page.

Cristiane says that the members of the old, closed group will no longer be followed up by a Sister and they will need to be self-demanding.“They’ll know who they really are before God, and will be able to seek true spiritual independence. The only way to not become spiritually complacent is by recognizing that you need to improve every day,”finalizes Cristiane.

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