1 – What is the Godllywood?
Our main objective is to take girls and change them into exemplary women, the opposite of what Hollywood is influencing woman to accept. We aim to help them develop family ties which have been lost in the recent years.

2 -Do members have to pay to be a part of this group?
So that we can maintain the group and activities available for the members, it’s necessary for everyone to contribute through monthly dues.

3 – If I am not a part of the church, can I participate in the Godllywood?
No, the group is exclusively for members of the UCKG, who are active in another group in the church.

4 – Is it necessary to join the Godllywood to please God?
Not necessarily, but in the Godllywood you will learn how to change and correct the bad habits which displease God, but go unnoticed to your eyes. While you have a spiritual personal trainer at your side, who is ready to help you grow in your faith.

5 – Do you have to do tasks every month?
Yes. The tasks are for ones spiritual growth every month. We have tasks for everything in life, but we don’t always want to complete them. In the group tasks are an obligation, but they end up motivating women to do what they know they should have been doing in the first place, but don’t.

6 – What if I can’t complete the tasks for that month?
A member which does not do their tasks for that month, has to do them the next month along with the tasks for that month. If in case she’s not able to complete them by the third month she will receive a STRIKE.

7 What is a strike?
The member which does not complete their tasks up to the third month, does not pay their monthly dues, gives a bad testimony at home, in church, in school, work, or is involved in a scandal will receive a “strike.” Two strikes are permitted, but if she receives a third she will be removed from The Sisterhood. Each strike stays on a members record for one year. After one year it is taken off.

8 – Can a member be removed from the group?
Yes, from the moment that they don’t obey the rules.

9 – If I join the group, does it seem like I want to be better than anyone?
No. When you participate you will learn how to be a servant, to renounce your will and take the first steps toward your interior transformation. This is not wanting to be better than anyone; this is to want to be and to do the best for God.

10 – If I can’t make a commitment in participating and being present during events or meetings, can I join anyways?
No, once you are a part of  The Godllywood it’s necessary that you are present for the events, meetings, etc.

11 – When will it finish?
It won’t. The Godllywood is something perpetual which will help as you grow, mature, and develop into a young women of God or woman of God.

12 – The Godllywood hasn’t come to my city, can I still participate?
If The Godllywood in your region has a group, you can participate through the Big Sister over there. If not, you wouldn’t be able to participate.