Self-Awareness Course

Every woman wants to be strong. Every wife wants a loving marriage, every mother wants a happy home, and everyone wants to reach their full potential.
But wanting isn’t enough.
Sometimes we have to really get to know ourselves, see our life the way God sees it and see how we have let negative experiences influence the person we have became today.

How long with the course last?
The Self-Awareness Course is composed of 5 sessions that will help you identify areas of your life that need to be strengthened, with practical and fun steps.

When and where does it happen?
The Course is also running at 

Finsbury Park Rainbow Theatre – 232 Seven Sisters Road Finsbury Park, London N4 3NX
On Tuesday at 7pm, the course is free of charge.

You too can benefit from the Self-Awareness Course. Enrol at your local UCKG HelpCentre for free lessons.

For more information, call our 24H on 020 7686-6000 or email us at

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