The cycle of the prodigal son

Many children get involved with bad friendships, they spend on addictions, invest in everything except on what they actually need.

A father works very hard – sweat and tears – so his children won’t lack anything. On top of that, they wouldn’t need to work, sweat or cry so much. And that’s what happens, children don’t need to work so much and do you know what happens? They don’t value what they have, and they end up throwing all their inheritance in a pile of mud. They get involved with bad friendships, spend on addictions, invest on everything except on what they actually need. The more they end up having, the less satisfied they are. This has been the ongoing cycle of our society today, the cycle of the prodigal son.

When the prodigal son asks his father for his part of the inheritance, he did not mind in spending what his father had earnestly achieved, which was a farm. All the family suffered from this, after all, the father had to sell part of that farm, part of what sustained it. Ingratitude is not enough to describe his son, but he didn’t care, what really mattered was being ‘happy’.

In this search of ‘happiness’ people don’t realize how ungrateful, unjust, selfish and self-centred they are, especially with their own family. They turn their backs to those who love them, they stand before those who don’t even care, but somehow seem attractive. What the prodigal son did is “bite the hand who fed him” and ran into the arms of the world, who never promised him anything, but shined brightly. And in the same way, he was quickly accepted because of what he offered; he was quickly rejected once could he could no longer offer the same.

That’s when the prodigal son remembered his father, who didn’t do things because of what his son could offer, but because of who he was, his beloved son. Deep down, he knew he didn’t deserve to go back to his father’s house, after all, he had been an ungrateful son who beside harming everyone in the household, he disappeared and did everything he had learned not to do. To make matters worse, he smeared his family’s name along with his. This was when, despite the many reasons he had not to bother his father ever again he used his reason and thought, “I will go back to my father’s house as a servant.”

As a servant, the prodigal son would be humbling himself before his household and servants. This is the price many people, who are in the prodigal’s son position, do not want to pay to return to God. They say to be ashamed of what other’s will say, but deep down, they’re not ashamed of what they’ve done to their Father, they don’t recognize they’ve humiliated him. Now is the time to be humble before Him.

The humility of the prodigal son not only brought him back to his father’s house, but it led him to forgiveness and shockingly, honour too! His father was so happy to have him back, that he made a party to celebrate his return. Even though he returned as a servant, he was received as a child.

His brother, however, did not receive him in the same way, he criticized not only his return but his father’s reaction on receiving him back with so much enthusiasm. But the father was not influenced by that child’s decision, he actually corrected him in a loving manner.

When you return to God as a servant, He receives you as a child. If someone criticizes you for this, let God deal with them.

In the faith,

 Cristiane Cardoso

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