“Through Godllywood I have been able to grow into a better woman both physically and spiritually.”

I had past roots that led me to become a short tempered person. By becoming part of Godllywood, I learnt how to effectively dig deep and discover these negative roots inside me and overcome them. All the offerings (tasks) I’ve received in the group have been very spiritual. They have helped me identify areas in my spiritual life I needed to work on. I had built a defence mechanism, which made me behave rudely to people who I thought were “trying to put me down”.

It created unnecessary issues with people around me. Also, before joining the group, I was having problems with my family. I wasn’t investing time with them because I held against them the fact they were initially against me coming to church, even though now they had changed their mind-set. I still despised them because of their initial reaction. I realised I was being a bad example in my home but I learnt how to value my family again and turn things around.

Today, I can say I live in home that is united. Through Godllywood, I have been able to grow into a better woman both physically and spiritually.

-Susan Yeboah-

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