Families in Godllywood

The change in my daughter motivated me to change!

dsc_8589I have been an irresponsible, lazy wife and mother. Taking care of the house, cooking, taking care of myself, my husband and children was not in my agenda. We would finish the week having bread and meat for dinner, just for us not to sleep hungry. I did not see anything wrong with my behavior. I then started to have problems in my marriage as my husband would complain about my behavior and I would shout back.  There was no peace in my family.

When my 16 year old daughter started to do the Godllywood Rush tasks, I saw some changes in her and these were even more when she entered the group of Godllywood. She would do all the house chores without complaining, as I would leave everything in her hands. Her behavior changed, she became so matured and humble. Her change motivated me to do the Godllywood Challenges although at first I thought Godllywood is for the young ladies.

When the Rush was introduced, I did not hesitate but jumped in. Bit by bit, things changed. It started with the tasks of making dinner and breakfast for the family, because of seeing some change through it, I made it a habit. I am doing my roles and responsibilities with peace because I saw that when I changed, my marriage changed. My husband is no longer complainig, we are all happy in house.

Thank you God, for the opportunity that He gave to know the Godllywood group and to become a better woman for my family.

Nosiphiwo Mgobo and her daughter – Onwabani Mgobo

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37 thoughts on “Families in Godllywood

  1. 28 de September de 2016 at 15:58

    The moment we decide to change everything changes in our lives and it was a good thing that her daughter engaged herself in godllywood.

  2. Kholiwe Myataza
    29 de September de 2016 at 18:54

    Its good to have a daughter like her I wish my daughters can a member of Godllywood as well but I will talk to them as I am still new here

  3. Khunjulwa Sonqayi
    3 de October de 2016 at 14:52

    Wow this is God plan even though we think it is a burden but it is the purpose of God for each and everyone of us to find her/myself out .

  4. conteh felicite@yahoo.com
    6 de October de 2016 at 3:25

    it is a blessing for a girl to be set us an example to own mother

  5. Lorraine Harupe
    24 de January de 2017 at 9:40

    This is a very good testimony to every one. As young girls,We should portray good example to our parents in order for them to change and come to God.

  6. Lilly Nkhabu
    2 de May de 2017 at 12:48

    Wow what a great blessing,i leaned that we have to take care of our families without complaing

  7. 4 de May de 2017 at 21:24

    That’s a great thing tof take care of our families,committing ourselves in everything that we are doing in our families and at work

  8. 8 de May de 2017 at 10:47

    everything we do in life need a decision and a step forward ,its wonderful to see the mother testifying about what she sees from her daughter ,it really caught my attention whatever we do we must do it for God and not to be recognised and through that someone will see your effort as this lady .Be blessed with your family keep the faith

  9. lemohangtau
    8 de May de 2017 at 17:54

    Godllywood changes ladies in to mature woman and it had transformed many lives and changed families

  10. 12 de May de 2017 at 14:49

    This testimony has really moved me. Mother learning from a daughter? What a humility! Thanks for sharing.What are we waiting for other ladies lets join godllywood.

  11. patronel masango qwaqwa
    15 de May de 2017 at 5:30

    godllywood changes many life’s of others because they followed what they holy spirit directed them to do. Sometimes things we take for granted are things matter most in our lives. Thanks woman of God for sharing this wonderful testimony

  12. ntshadi
    16 de May de 2017 at 10:31

    godllywood is a blessing to our lifes. It has transformed many women to become better daughters to their mothers. Thanks for sharing your testimony.

  13. 16 de May de 2017 at 17:22

    Wow great testimony, I have learnt alot from this testimony, Godllywood can also unite families.

  14. Nikki Karitas Goodluck
    18 de May de 2017 at 8:12

    This hits on being humble since it’s the daughter who acted as an example to the mother.

  15. 18 de May de 2017 at 9:00

    Thank you for sharing your testimony many woman have changed their behaviour through GODLYWOOD.It has taught us to be better Woman of God.And became the best in everything we do.This testimony has proven that people can through our behaviour in Godlywood and We have to lead by an example.It is great that a mother has changed through her daughter.

  16. 18 de May de 2017 at 9:07

    very strong and a motivation too me. Godllywood is helping me so much in bettering my character into a Virtuous woman of God I believe and pray that through my changes and maturity, God will touch my family very soon so that they can join me in the faith. As they all have scattered life’s and are so much against my faith in God especially my mother.

  17. saara thomas
    19 de May de 2017 at 7:26

    thank you very much for the testimony. I learned a lot from it. Godllywood is there to unite families not to separate them.that’s why the tasks we do have to be in us.

  18. saara thomas
    19 de May de 2017 at 10:35

    thanks for your testimony. Godllywood is helping me to be a woman of good characters.and the tasks we do should be in us.

  19. 19 de May de 2017 at 15:51

    Yes,neglecting our responsibilities as women only makes us loose ourselves.when we don’t value our roles as women,then we are missing the whole point.but the sooner we start embracing who we are and appreciating ourselves as God designed and planned, the better. Everything falls in to place. For some of us we never got the opportunity to learn from a mother about home making skills and being a wowen in general,but that couldnt be an excuse as to why this why that. I used one of the most powerful skills God gave to man “LEARNING “. I had to start somewhere.i began investing in myself and eventually progress keeps going.All thanks to God through Godlywood cause that’s where I learned the essence of being a woman. I was taught to embrace being a woman,i was taught to value being a woman,i was taught to understand myself and believe in my potential.

  20. Innocentia Masango
    20 de May de 2017 at 14:51

    If we do things to learn and change, take every task given serious and commit to all that the Holy Spirit has directed us to do, then also those who are around us will change. Thank you for sharing your testimony.

  21. 20 de May de 2017 at 20:12

    We have to grab every opportunity that God gives us because through our lives many can change. Thanks for the testimony.

  22. Lezaundray
    22 de May de 2017 at 4:24

    Becoming better women through the Godllywood. Praise God for the initiation of the Godllywood through His Spirit, because we are truly learning a lot as to how to please Him and to be His references,to be different from the world-oh,how beautiful this is

  23. 22 de May de 2017 at 5:30

    Thanks for your testimony. It teaches us (mothers/wives) to commit ourselves fully in our roles in the house.

  24. Lipalesa Moletsane
    22 de May de 2017 at 23:13

    Amen,it is a blessing indeed for God does not regard age but uses anyone whose heart is open to receive a change..

  25. Maleshoane Mohapi
    24 de May de 2017 at 18:56

    Great to be a better mother or daughter is a blessing to have your testimony it show us as daughter to be committed in hands of god

  26. 25 de May de 2017 at 7:05

    this is a blessing.the strongest thing in our lives is the decision we make. nothing is stronger the decision we make because when we decide and hold on to God there will be nothing to hold us back as long as we hold on to what is right.if you decide to change to good everything will change…everything depend on us.

  27. Lavinia shipiki
    25 de May de 2017 at 7:07

    Godllywood, Godllywood. ..how I love this group….is teaching me much already. Thanks for this testimonies. ..good example in the house and changing our behaviour to ward our family will always give testimonies.

  28. Ziningi
    25 de May de 2017 at 11:58

    What an inspiration. Some sees doing house chores a bore, but here we are tuaght differently.

  29. 25 de May de 2017 at 20:16

    Wow when we change we motivate our colleagues and friends to change. Because we become a walking testimony and they see God through you. This brings more souls to God. Thank you Godllywood.

  30. 26 de May de 2017 at 20:09

    Comment: it is what is inside our heats that matters the most. You desired change and God gave that opportunity to you like many women. praise be to him for bringing godllywood into our lives.

  31. Hope Shirindza
    27 de May de 2017 at 18:08

    Godly wood really does transform lives and embrace uur desire to be a women of God

  32. Hendrina Ngongo
    29 de May de 2017 at 10:48

    What a great change. Very strong testimony

  33. 30 de May de 2017 at 16:12

    Amen, its true that when we take the initiative to change things in our families without blaming others we can even win them to Christ, because of the positivity they see in us which makes them to be ashamed and search for their change in return.

  34. 31 de May de 2017 at 1:24

    wow this is great.. God is a able to use us to make a different in our families just to give him a chance.

  35. MARIE- FRANCE Zaramanana
    31 de May de 2017 at 10:30

    Amen ! when we change we become the light of our familly

  36. Mohlape kgeko Johannah
    30 de June de 2017 at 6:49

    Amen! God can used us to make different in our family,strong testimony.

  37. Juliette Ouedraogo
    8 de July de 2017 at 23:33

    Très fort ce témoignage. Car une chose que nous devons retenir, c’est nous apprenons même avec le plus petit .

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