GW Africa day 2 at Temple of Solomon

The Group learning the Spiritual meaning behind the Tabernacle

Yesterday was a special day for the ladies as they had the opportunity to visit one of the important places at Temple of Solomon, the Tabernacle of Moses, also knows as the Tent of the Meeting. They learned about the purpose of the Tabernacle, that God wanted to dwell among His people. The structure of this Tabernacle is an exact replica of what God instructed Moses many years ago.

In the book of Exodus 26, we learn how God gave the instructions to Moses, how He wanted the structure of the Tabernacle to be; ‘’Moreover you shall make the tabernacle with ten curtains of fine twisted linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet. Make them with cherubim, the work of a skilled workman. The length of each curtain shall be twenty-eight cubits, and the width of each curtain four cubits. All of the curtains shall have the same measurements. Five curtains shall be joined together, one to another. And the other five curtains are to be joined, one to another...

After what they learned Mrs Marcia added: “There was so much to meditate upon today that I pray you all had an experience with our visit to the Tabernacle. Thinking of the brazen altar, we are all priests chosen by God therefore we cannot only concern in keeping cleansed what other people can identify, but we need to look every day inside of us and see if our image is mirroring God’s image through us.

Below are some comments of the experiences the pledges had yesterday:

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Penny Nghinyelwa said, “My experience of the Tabernacle was to learn in detail how Moses was used by God in such a great way, God showed miracles through him, and still Moses did not enter the Promised Land. So it doesn’t matter which ‘title’ I have, it cannot save my life nor can it make me to enter the kingdom of God. I have to renew my life everyday, from the inside out.”

“About the brazen altar, I learnt that its easy to clean my hands and feet, and say ‘I am clean’; but what is important is how clean I am inside – Do I have a grudge?… Everyday I need to examine my inside and keep it clean.” said Ebbed Esser Kapali

Justine Shipanga said, “What I took for myself was that I have a choice of where I want to be, either in the court, in the holy place or in the most high place – the Holy of Holies. But in order for that to happen it is only through continuous sacrifice. My sacrifice should never be profane but at all times be without blemish. I also understood that God sent the Holy Spirit so that we can be His tabernacle here on earth.”

“The tour to the tabernacle was a great experience, many things stood out for me, but what caught my attention is that, it has always been God’s desire to dwell among us, but for that to happen we need follow the way which He laid for us (the tabernacle) without skipping any step on the way, so that we can be closer to Him.” Netsai Ngunda

Ntsiki Sitshwela said, “My experience was that I understood that God is a merciful and Just God, in such a way that He doesn’t keep the wrongs I’ve done before I knew the Truth. But it is a problem when I keep doing wrong after knowing the Truth. For example the sons of Aaron died because they decided to do things their own way, yet they knew the right way. Therefore, after I have ‘tasted’ God’s kingdom and keep on doing wrong, it will be impossible for repentance since I will be crucifing the Son of God again and again. I also learned that we must be clean in our inner self, with no grudges, hatred and so forth, because we need to be clean for God to dwell inside of us. God loves us so much that He renews us every day, He doesn’t want us to remain being the same. He talks with us all the time through His word. And a title doesn’t take us to heaven. We have seen that through Moses. There’s a lot that I’ve learnt and have taken for myself and I thank God for that!”

Natasha Swarts said, “Where do I start? I have learned so much and got a better understanding of the things of our God…Truly a blessed experience. What stood out for me was when the Priests had to wash their hands and feet, before entering the Tabernacle. During this process they could see their reflections in the water- this means that one always has to examine the heart and mind. How are our feelings? Are they pure or corrupt? The same with our minds, are we having good or bad thoughts? Our God looks at these two areas, and our communion with Him is influenced by them.”

My experience at the tabernacle was wonderful. I have a better understanding now of the courtyard, the Holy place and the Holy of Holies. The different kinds of relationship we can have with God and if I want to reach the Holy of Holies I should be willing to pay the price and that is to sacrifice more, there is no other way. Everything done in the building of the tabernacle was through a process, one couldn’t skip or ignore it.

During our meditations I was always asking myself why they were using the Acacia tree, and the priest yesterday made me understand that it’s made from incorruptible wood, no insects could enter or corrupt it, it is unique. Showing to us how Jesus is uncorrupt and pure. I should be uncorruptible and pure as well. Nothing could contaminate Our Lord. It’s not like normal wood, as the priest explained that even though it looked so small in the display, we won’t be able to carry it.

I also learned that Atonement means to cover, so on those days our sins were covered by the sacrificed animal, but after Our Lord Jesus’ Sacrifice, today through His sacrifice it was removed.

So beautiful how the old and New Testament have a relationship. In the tabernacle there was only one gate to enter, you couldn’t enter it by jumping or any other way. And the way they would enter from beneath the curtain because the curtain was not torn yet. Today that curtain is torn after Jesus’ sacrifice and He is the only Way, there is no other way..said Angie

Don’t miss out the next activity they will be doing soon! Watch this space…


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